Banks That Offer High-Limit Credit Cards to Students

Students apply for high-limit credit cards and student credit cards in 2019. Students continue their lives by working in part-time jobs to cover both education and daily expenses during school periods. When this happens, they sometimes need a credit card. Credit cards can be made more attractive with campaigns organized entirely for students. Banks that do not charge any student fees can use their credit cards free of charge. When this happens, students prefer banks that offer special credit card services to students. The leading banks that provide credit cards for students are AreBank and Ziba Bank. These banks are often mentioned by their campaigns. Banks that provide high-limit credit cards to students.


Banks That Offer High-Limit Credit Cards to Students

Banks That Offer High-Limit Credit Cards to Students

Banks that provide a high-limit credit card to a student are more relevant to the student’s credit status. Students who have previously used products from different banks may request a higher limit when applying to new banks. However, they must have paid the credit card they used previously and should not have any disruption in their debts. Being insured from the place of employment in the current period will help the student to have his / her credit card approved more easily.

If you want to use a credit card, you should first plan your monthly income and use limits accordingly. Although banks offer you high limits, you should not accept or use limits outside your solvency. Because if you can’t pay your debt and fall to the minimum amount , then you can enter the credit card debt deadlock. You certainly don’t want to face this situation.


High-Limit Credit Card Campaigns for Students

High-Limit Credit Card Campaigns for Students

There are special credit cards for students in almost all banks. Now we will list the most attractive and the most beautiful features of these credit cards. Banks that provide high-limit credit cards to students are as follows;


Student Lending Banks

The first credit card for students is AreBank’s credit card named Estes Universitame. All university students over the age of 18 who do not have any problem in terms of limit can apply. At the same time, you can earn Maxipuan in the expenses that you will make in Maximum member workplace and you can spend them later. If you are a university student, A student certificate may be requested at the time of application.


Kapi Kredit Play Credit Card

Credit Card

Play, which is also a dormitory-free card service for the students of Kapi Kredit Bank, can be used by young people over the age of 18. You don’t have to be a student to apply for this card. At the same time, thanks to the World feature, you can earn points for the expenses you make in World member businesses.

If you want to apply for Play Credit Card , you can complete the application steps by logging into Kapi Kredit Play website or you can visit Kapi Kredit branches.


Ziba Bank Young Bank Card

Ziba Bank offers various opportunities for students. Genc Bankkart , which you can use both as a debit card and as a credit card, is one of the credit cards that does not have any expenses. This card is one of the most preferred credit cards by students, which you can choose to spend even on the account you want to spend, regardless of any feature.

If you want to be a Ziba Bank Young Bankkart user, you need to be a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate student between the ages of 18 – 26. At the same time, the card is completely free of charge and does not charge additional fees.

Ziba Bank If you want to apply for a young bank card , you should visit a Ziba Bank branch. Even though they accept applications only one to one, they can give instant credit card approval without requesting any information or documents.


How is Student Credit Card Limit Determined?

How is Student Credit Card Limit Determined?

If students apply with student documents when applying for a credit card , they can benefit from free credit card campaigns for students. In addition to these, you can have more opportunities to set limits by using both a student certificate and a document stating that you are working and have income.

Since the credit card limit that students can use is lower, students with income and insurance can use more credit card limits. You should consider these details and make your application in this way.


How to Increase Student Credit Card Limit?

Student Credit Card Limit?

Student credit cards are low because no income is declared. If you are looking for banks that offer high-limit credit cards to students , you must first know that you either need to have income or need a surety.

If you ensure that one of your family or friends is vouched for, you can request more limits and apply to raise your credit card limit.