4 Things You Can Do to Improve the Health of Your Horse

Woman taking care of her horse

A horse in peak health is a sight to behold. A sickly, feeble horse, on the other hand, can cause you days and nights of anguish. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get them back on their feet in no time.

Improve the quality of the food

More than any other thing, your horse’s food determines the state of his health. If your horse appears malnourished, it is an indication that you need to change the quality of animal feed you’re giving it. Rely on businesses that offer consistent, highly palatable food, such as those offered by Takanini Feeds. Besides hay and pasture, start giving him other healthy supplements and dairy pellets and watch the results.

Talk to the vet

Find a reliable vet in your area and have them conduct a thorough examination on your horse so you know what exactly may be the cause of its illness. The vet should be able to give you advice on what treatment is most appropriate for the animal. Also, remember to regularly vaccinate the entire herd against such illnesses as influenza and tetanus.

Eliminate stress

Your horse is a deeply emotional creature. When stressed, it can severely compromise its health and well-being. Providing a companion for him can greatly improve his health. Treat him gently at all times. Before you introduce him to new surroundings, always prepare him adequately so he doesn’t get overly nervous.

De-worm your horse

When is the last time you de-wormed your herd? Worms can be extremely harmful to the health of your animals if you don’t take early measures to control them. Your vet should be able to advise which de-worming products you should use to restore your horse’s health.

If the health of your horse has been failing recently, taking measures to tackle the problem is the best thing you can do for him. By working with your vet, you can implement a few solutions that will not only get your horse back to top health, but also keep things that way for a long time.