Commercial Garage Door Styles: What Are Your Options?

Gray garage door

Many businesses have the garage door making up the most of the front façade. As such, the need to give serious thought to the aesthetics of the gate becomes higher. A well-chosen door can improve the look of your office, while the opposite is true.

Upgrading your commercial garage door in Utah can answer all your appearance problems. You get an opportunity not just to replace an old rickety door, but to choose something that goes with the image you want people to have of your business.

There are many styles that you can choose from. The following are three of the most popular options for commercial and industrial uses:

The Traditional Style Door

Here, the garage door will look to complement any office style as long as it is well recognized, from a Victorian to a Colonial building style office; there will be something for you. More often than not, you will need to place a special order. Most of these garage doors use a roll-up mechanism.

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage doors suit almost any office design style. They resemble doors found on old carriage houses, but you can have them customized to suit any space. These doors are manually opened although there are models with automatic openers.

Raised-Panel Doors

The raised panel garage door is another popular option for commercial spaces. The door features a floating panel fitted inside a style and rail frame. There are other versions with fiberglass frames. The raised panel door is often robust, designed to look like the traditional raised-panel door.

That a garage door style is popular does not mean that you are limited to it when you are looking for an upgrade. However, it is worth considering why something would gain popularity. With that said, you can always work with your contractor to get a garage door that will serve your professional needs.