Cost and Maintenance-Reduction on Machining Tools

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As of now, manufacturing factories or facilities follow the principle of “one size fits all” for their milling machines, drill bits, and other machining tools. The principle involves the replacement or regrinding of such tools after a certain period no matter if you need the replacement or regrinding or not.

The principle aims to anticipate the service lives of machining tools and to replace them before they reach the end of their service lives.

Costs in Time and Resources

The principle above, although logical, takes too much valuable time just to maintain the tools. The principle also raises costs for any manufacturing facility.

Of course, to do the opposite of the principle – waiting until machining tools reach the end of their service lives – also proves costly in both time and resources. What can you do instead?

Replace Only the Broken

As of now, you can only anticipate the end of service life of individual bits. Instead of replacing all bits after a specified period, however, perhaps keep using ones you can still use to prevent waste. Replacing only the machining tools that need replacements may reduce costs and maintenance time a little.

Switch to PCD

At the same time, you can use polycrystalline diamond bits (PCD). You can find such milling tools online from reputable suppliers such as Herrick Industrial Supply. PCD bits last far longer than carbide tips. By using PCD, you can perhaps lengthen production time in between maintenance downtime.

The Future in RFID

In the future, however, you can expect to monitor the service life of individual bits accurately if research proves successful. Researchers have been conducting tests using RFID tags that can take into account all the factors that shorten service life.

The tags then transfer the data to management software that can calculate the maximum possible service life of a tool.

With such an ongoing development, you may be able to enjoy better time and resource savings soon. As for now, while the RFID technology still undergoes development, you can follow the solutions mentioned previously to reduce costs and time spent on maintenance.