How to Deal with Your Insurance Company like a Pro

Man and woman talking to their agent regarding their insurance

When dealing with your insurance company, you need to be knowledgeable and very smart about everything involved. They are supposed to advise you and help you in various matters, but you should be careful not to get railroaded.

If you are approaching your insurance company to get compensated for a loss that has occurred, you need all the information you can get. Understand your rights, and what they owe you otherwise you may end up with much less than you hoped for. The following are some tips you can use when dealing with your public insurance adjuster in Florida.

Have a number in mind

When a loss has occurred, there is the amount that you can get from your insurance company. However, it is possible for this number to go considerably low if you are not actively involved. So first and foremost seek advice on a reasonable figure then approach your insurance company with that in mind.

Have evidence

The company will try as much as possible to get the settlement to be as small as possible, so you need to have your facts right. This will help you prove that your claim is genuine and that you deserve the number that you have quoted.

Take notes of every negotiation

Many insurance companies will throw different adjusters at you at different points of the negotiations. One adjuster may suggest something entirely different from the other. This is why you should note down what was said so that you may come up with a well-composed counter.

Put it in writing

Once you have agreed on the settlement, write a letter to the adjuster confirming all the terms. This prevents any confusion when it is time to sign and get paid.

Always remain very factual and realistic in your claim. Approaching your insurance company with exaggerated figures will only work against you.