Improve Your Job Search Results by Projecting a Professional Image

Woman showing her resume

You need to go the extra mile in your job search to outdo other applicants in a tough job market. You stand a better chance of success if you can project a capable and professional image in your application.

While the unemployment rates in NZ are declining, the competition for the most lucrative positions remains cut-throat. An influx of qualified individuals and stringent hiring criteria make getting that dream job quite a task. Stiff competition in the marketplace drives most companies to hire only the most qualified individuals.

Getting the help of the best recruitment agencies in New Zealand increases your chances of success and eliminates guesswork. To make the most of such an opportunity, you need to make your image as professional as possible. Find out how.

Polish that resume

Surprisingly, most people think that it takes to have a good resume is to avoid typos and errors. While it is crucial, it only addresses the barest requirements. Errors portray you as a careless person who is not keen on details. Other than eliminating mistakes, your CV needs to highlight your accomplishments.

Recruiters want to see your skills and capabilities. Highlighting accomplishment helps them gauge your capabilities quickly, which helps them reach a decision quickly. A list of achievements demonstrates your abilities, which helps tie the job’s requirement to your skills.

Clean up your online presence

To get a better picture of who you are, recruiters often dig through your social media profiles. The content of these accounts can make or break your career opportunities. Filling your time line with questionable posts cast doubts on your personality and could ruin your chances of acing an interview.

Many high-profile figures have been fired from their lucrative jobs due to utterances they have made on social media. Since they are keen to project a professional image, companies will not want to have people with questionable online habits in its ranks. Search for your name on the Internet and make the necessary amendments to project a good image.

To succeed in a tough job market, you must outdo a horde of other job applicants. Projecting a professional and capable image puts you miles ahead of your competitors.