Lower Your Driver Turnover Rates with These 2 Moves

a truck driver

Growing demand for goods and services has transformed the trucking sector into a $700-billion industry. Insiders forecast nothing but good news for the industry, predicting a 3.4% annual growth until the year 2023.

A growing population is to thank for the increasing demand for freight transportation. While such developments spell nothing but good news, the sector is grappling with an acute shortage of certified drivers. To insulate your business from such a deficit, you have to treat your truck drivers with dignity and respect, stresses Centerline Drivers, a staffing firm that offers driver leasing services.

1. Get the Right People

The average age of a truck driver is 49 years old. It follows that replacing the retiring employees is the leading cause of driver shortage in the trucking industry. The cost of replacing a driver can leave a considerable dent in your wallet.

You need to pay particular attention to experience, work history, and insurability when hiring new employees. Lowering your company’s standards to cope with the shortage does more harm than good. Unqualified drivers can leave you starring at fines that could run to thousands of dollars.

2. Refine Your Marketing Skills

If you’re barely breaking even on every load you ship, chances are you’ll have a hard time paying your drivers. Garnishing wages to keep your business afloat isn’t only a bad business practice, but it also increases the turnover rate. Refining your marketing skill enables you to go after the high paying jobs that carry healthy margins.

Drivers will stick with a company that rewards and appreciates all their hard work. It boosts their moral while building their commitment to discharging their duties.

Filling your ranks with qualified drivers is the key to running a successful trucking empire. Creating an enabling work environment entices them to stay with you for longer, lowering your turnover rates.