New Innovations in Office Layout: Better Employee Interaction and More Productivity

contemporary office

Offices keep improving their workspace. Although some follow traditional corporate models, other new offices are starting to make use of innovations in office furniture and work concepts. For, design concepts evolve as a result of adaptation.

Most office furniture consider these adaptations in their design. Offices are adapting the open office plan which allows flexibility of use, and more freedom and individuality to be productive.

Open Office Floor plans

The concept of the open floor plan has long been evolving. It continues to evolve with the rise in popularity of co-working spaces. Some offices have adopted the open office floor plan to improve teamwork and collaboration between teams and departments.

Complementing this trend are collaboration workstations where four or more employees share a desk. With the elimination of assigned seating, collaboration workstations make sense in creating space for teams or any other work group.

Large tables, fitted out with outlets LAN and USB charging ports on top allow employees to charge from anywhere. An important effect of having no designated seats is that people can sit anywhere, as long as they are comfortable and working on their laptops. They could be in the pantry, or in the lounge.

Necessarily, without a designated space, there is no assurance of storage space near the worktable. With most files on the cloud, there is little need for hard copy, hence no need for individual cabinets. Group shelves for manuals and other common or sensitive files are available.

Private Offices and Conference Rooms

There are offices which have not gotten over privacy issues. They still provide individual cubicles for the employees and glass enclosed offices for the managers. Increasingly, the glass offices no longer have drapes or shades. Conference rooms are also following suit, with glass walls and no drapes.

One reason that drapes are no longer popular is that the glass walls are also used to write as whiteboard walls. Discussions with whiteboard markers can continue without the need for any erasures.

The contemporary office is less about individual furniture styles and more about the use of available furniture. The office sensibilities lean towards how the office is used to its advantage, and can accommodate more people, at the same time, have more people interacting with one another.