Stainless Steel: A Suitable Material for Food Processing Equipment

Man in a food processing facility

Stainless steel has numerous food-related applications. It is a popular material for food and drink appliances—from catering equipment to brewing and distilling systems. Furthermore, it is a commonly used material for food processing equipment.

Food processing equipment, particularly, needs to be of the highest quality. It keeps the food safe and, more importantly, it keeps running during the most challenging industrial conditions. As such, manufacturers often go for stainless steel.

The Strengths of Stainless Steel

Many manufacturers opt for stainless steel food processing equipment for its variety of features. The material demonstrates the capability to run consistently despite challenging conditions.

First, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. It can maintain a smooth surface for years to come, effectively reducing repair and replacement costs.

Stainless steel is also a non-reactive material, meaning it does not adopt any odour or flavour of the food and beverages it processes. In other words, it protects the flavour well, ensuring the quality of what you serve.

Furthermore, the material does not have any pores. Cleaned properly, it does not retain any dirt or bacteria that accumulated during manufacturing. The highly hygienic metal is not difficult to clean either.

Metal Spinning for Stainless Steel Equipment

Manufacturers often turn to metal spinning. Birmingham-based company Winward Engineering LTD says metal spinners improve product integrity by refining and strengthening the material as well as by eliminating any inconsistencies.

The highly efficient process creates numerous types of stainless steel equipment: mixers, refrigeration equipment, slicers and dicer. It meets the design specifications and requirements that manufacturers have for the material, which could withstand temperature, corrosion and some forms of chemical reactions. It is also an ideal process if your business needs large runs of similar components.

As such, metal spinners have also become popular for their ability to create food manufacturing equipment out of the material.

Stainless steel is valuable to the food industry. It offers your business multiple advantages, from spotless catering equipment that keeps food safe to durable food processing components that ensure smooth plant operations.