The Difference Between Accelerated and Traditional Testing

Man ready to do the accelerated testingDuring the production process of any merchandise, there are three important phases. These are the development, analysis, and validation phases. Tests are done during these phases to ensure quality.

Main difference

All types of traditional testing in the industry has always been done in the validation phase only. The accelerated tests, on the other hand, are conducted during the initial development phase. In fact, that is the main difference between accelerated stress testing and other conventional testing methods. Manufacturers prefer accelerated testing as it is cheaper to correct problems during the development phase rather than fix them during the validation phase.

Other differences

Another difference between the conventional testing and the accelerated testing methods is co-relation of the data collected. Standard testing focuses on discovering the correlation between the time and the function, but the accelerated testing method aims at identifying the patterns and weaknesses in the failures.

Accelerated testing makes use of all axes and temperatures simultaneously to find the destruction and operating limits of the products and its components. The focus here is to develop merchandise which will be strong enough to handle any type of extreme stress in the field. Accelerated tests also uncover designs issues very quickly, giving time to change or correct the designs if necessary.

Why is accelerated testing preferred?

Engineers prefer accelerated testing procedures as timing is always a challenge during the testing part of program of product development. Earlier, in the process of development of the products, the last thing that was done was testing, which was usually timed before the launch of the product.

If it’s discovered that there was a serious problem which would take time to fix, then the release of the product into the market would be considerably delayed. Accelerated tests are preferred as they are done at the designing and development stage; fixing the problem early is easier, fast and less expensive too.

Accelerated testing is done on various parts, fuel injectors, radios, printers, hard drives, and other electronic parts too.