3 Effective Ways to Handle a Major Water Leak Immediately

man checking the plumbingLiving in a home that does not have flowing water can be a very difficult experience, but staying in a flooded one is worse. When there’s a major leak in your house, water could cover your floors within minutes and seriously damage stuff.

Having the contacts of one or two emergency plumbing companies in Orem is a great way to stay prepared. Here are three other ways to respond to the problem.

1. Stop the flow of water.

As soon as you discover a major leak in your water pipes, head to the main water source and shut it off immediately. This helps stop more water from leaking and causing more damage. If there’s a shut-off valve near the location of the leak, then shut off that valve first before moving to the main water source.

2. Talk to your insurance agent.

When there’s no more water flowing into your house, and it appears like your house has experienced damage from the flood, now’s the time to talk to your insurance agent. It’s perfectly okay to file a claim for damage.

Check your baseboards and walls for wetness. You may have to find a professional to dry them thoroughly, so you don’t risk mold. Your insurance agent might have an expert to recommend you.

3. Call the restoration company.

You want to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. If your plumber is reliable, they’ll be at your doorstep within hours to fix the problem once and for all.

Other restoration professionals will also arrive quickly to work on the damages and prevent mold growth. Remember to document all damages to assist in your insurance claim.

When a major leak hits your home, you might find it quite stressful to deal with the aftermath. However, by responding appropriately to the emergency, you can quickly put the situation behind you and get back to your life.