3 Helpful Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

Modern living roomThe living room is the center of a house. It’s usually where you entertain guests, spend time bonding with your family, or relax during your alone time. Accordingly, your living room should be properly decorated.

Whether it’s for newly finished home construction or a simple makeover, here are some tips on decorating your living room.

1. Select a color scheme

A color scheme will give your living room an organized appearance. One thing you can do is to use different shades of a particular color. For example, paint your walls light blue and have interior window shutters, which you can have custom made by companies such as those in Fair Haven, NJ, in sapphire.

With that said, Window Treats Inc. advises to not be afraid to combine contrasting colors — adding brown throw pillows and a carpet to your blue-themed living room, for example. They can serve as accents.

2. Use patterns

Patterns can make your living room interesting because they create the illusion of movement. When decorating with patterns (on walls, furniture, flooring, etc.), a good rule to follow is to utilize three completely different patterns (e.g., trellis, plaid, and chevron) in different sizes.

They need to be in similar hues, though, to work well together. Just remember not to overdo the patterns. This could cause your living room to look very busy.

3. Consider scale and proportion

You also need to consider scale and proportion — the visual size of objects and how they relate to the area and one another — when decorating your living room. Varying the sizes, shapes, heights, widths, and weights of the objects can generate visual excitement, making a room more appealing.

For a small living room, you could pair a love seat with round stool ottomans, and then add a square wooden coffee table and tall floor lamp.

However, you decide to decorate your living room, just make sure that the center of your home will be as comfortable as it is appealing.