3 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Safe for the Handicapped

a spacious bathroom

Making your bathroom the safest it could be is a top priority especially for your handicapped family members or guests. Follow these three ways to ensure its safety and accessibility.

1. Prevent usual causes of tripping

The first thing you should do is to prevent usual causes of tripping inside the bathroom.

To do this, here are specific things you can do:

  • Get rid of throw rugs or slippery coverings.
  • If you’re hesitant to ditch those rugs, you may secure them with double-faced adhesive or slip-resistant backings.
  • Secure loose corners on mats.
  • Make sure you keep your bathroom floor dry.
  • Following these simple steps can help prevent bathroom falls.

2. Keep your bathroom well lit

Another thing you can do is to ensure that your bathroom well lit during the day. You can opt to have glass windows or simply leave the windows open to let the light in.

Also, see to it that there’s a nightlight on the way to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, using a nightlight and installing an illuminated switch will also be of great help.

3. Invest in safer alternatives

Lastly, you cannot deny that the risk inside the bathroom is much higher for those who are handicapped and with disabilities. That is why it is just fitting to invest in making necessary bathroom modifications to ensure their safety.

For example, a safer alternative you can opt for is a handicapped tub. Handicapped tubs are much better than conventional baths since they provide extra support and safety. Also, a low-level door makes entering and exiting easier, preventing another common cause of tripping inside the bathroom.

Investing in a safer alternative like this can help you make a bathroom modification that is worth spending for.

You can add more to this list of keeping your bathroom the safest it could be. Be sure to do them not only to accommodate your loved ones who may be handicapped or with disabilities but to guarantee bathroom safety for all.