3 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Healthy lawn

Did you know that lawns could serve as a great air conditioner for your property because plants promote better air circulation? The lawn is a great addition to any property, whether it’s a residential or a commercial one. This is why a healthy lawn makes a valuable investment. It also adds value to any property if ever you plan to resell it in the future.

Below are some hacks you should know to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all-year round:

Use a Sharp Mower Blade

A sharp and balanced mower blade cuts grass cleanly and evenly, promoting a healthy growth. Remember that a dull mower blade can shred grass, making it prone to plant diseases. Also, U.S. Lawns and other experts remind that a poorly maintained mower blade can damage the bearings of your lawnmower.

Measure Sprinkling Volume

A small amount of sprinkling wet only the surface of the soil and the grass. In this case, it is best to increase watering since lawns need one to two inches of water every week. Remember that watering system depends on the temperature, as well as the kind of grass and land state. Lawns planted in sandy soils require twice as much water than with normal soil.

Eliminate Weeds Early

If your lawn is healthy, it will be hard for weeds to penetrate the leaves. Spray herbicides on the leaves while still young to avoid grassy weeds and crabgrass. Remember that an unhealthy lawn has open space for weeds to grow.

Keeping the lawn healthy and beautiful can be challenging for some as proper cutting, fertilizing, and watering is necessary. Good timing and maintenance methods are also needed to save time and energy. However, it’s always a good option to hire a professional provider of lawn care commercial and residential services. Be sure to choose a reputable company for best results.