4 Key Considerations When Purchasing a Sliding Barn Door

white sliding barn door

Among the recent trends in the interior design and door world is the use of sliding barn doors. These doors are versatile and find multiple applications in any home. However, before you go shopping for one, here are a few factors that should come first:

1. Door Hardware

Door hardware can transform the look of a general door into an elegant piece. The door will either be in black, nickel, or bronze finishes. Once you know the track colour of your door, you can go ahead and choose door hardware that matches that.

2. Colour

Are you going for a wood door look or do you want to add a pop of colour to your home? Regardless of the ultimate look that you are going for, you can achieve any results from barn doors. Be sure to look through multiple door colours from your door suppliers.

3. The Design of the Door Panel

Panel doors come in different designs that send various messages of your choice of home’s interior decor. You can create a traditional look and rustic feeling with your door or choose to complement the existing doors in your home. What is important is first to determine the purpose of your door to help you select a suitable design.

4. Material

The common material options are the wood and MDF—a smooth grade. The best of the wood types that go into making the door vary from the maple, mahogany, oak, and pine species. Primarily, the material choice of your door will play a role in the durability of the door. However, you can trust barn doors to serve you for ages.

If you have been considering changing the look of your home, you can start by embracing this new hot trend of sliding type barn doors in Australia. If you are uncertain about its installation and maintenance, consult with your door supplier to identify optimal design options and recommendations.