4 Ways You Can Make Your Garden Colorful

When it comes planting a garden, one of the features you are looking for is an aesthetic appeal. You want waves of colorful blooms throughout spring and fall. That may seem difficult, given that plants follow their internal time clocks. But it’s not impossible. Here are four tips from authenticprovence.com.

1. Use planters

Few things can give your garden character season after season like carefully selected and maintained planters. Go for variety, mixing large Versailles planters with smaller ones.

Choose different shapes too, and arrange them creatively in your flower garden. You can easily find them online, or check out vendors from your local market.

2. Plant early

If you want your garden looking all colorful week after week come spring, then you need to plant them early. Choose flowers that bloom early such as pansy and Pericallis. These varieties tend to be cold resistant and will flourish just in time for springtime color.

3. Go for both annuals and perennials

Keep your garden looking attractive by providing a bridge in between the periods when your perennial plants are out of bloom. There are annual flowers that perform wonderfully, like petunias. These varieties bloom around your perennial plants, supplying color throughout the year.

4. Make the garden attractive to wildlife

There are two reasons you want to attract wildlife to your garden. First of all, hummingbirds and butterflies are a joy to look at. They complete the look of your garden by increasing its visual appeal.

Secondly, birds and insects play a vital role in pollination. Go for nectar-rich perennial flowers such as butterfly bush, bee balm, and coneflower. Suitable annuals include lantana and zinnia.

Few things can add to your home’s curb appeal and value like a beautiful garden. By mastering a few tricks, you can keep yours colorful and make it the talk of your neighborhood.