Designing an Inclusive and Fuss-free Kitchen

simple kitchen

More often than not, kitchen duty leaves you isolated from all the family fun happening before mealtime. Afterwards, you still don’t get to join in the quality time because of post-cooking cleanup. You don’t need to withhold your culinary talents and eat out of takeout boxes to be part of the excitement. Design an inclusive kitchen layout with fuss-free features that reduce clean-up time so that you can be part of the family activities.

Options for a Low-maintenance Kitchen

Reduce time spent on kitchen cleanup by selecting stain-resistant materials for your kitchen surfaces, like engineered stone benchtops. Select finishes that do not keep fingerprints for surfaces and cabinetry to free you from the task of frequent wiping.

Since you are planning for an inclusive, high-traffic kitchen, install certified non-slip tiles to avoid accidents that can spoil good family vibes. Select dark and big tiles that won’t let minor dirt and spills show.

Ideas for an Inclusive Kitchen Design

Knock down walls and dividers that separate you in the kitchen from the rest of the family. Merge the kitchen with the adjoining rooms so that you can prepare meals while entertaining or watching over the rest of the family. An open concept can allow you to join family games and discussions while working to get meals ready.

Consider installing a second island that can serve as space for kids to enjoy snacks while doing homework. You can vary the height of this second island to make it child-friendly for budding junior chefs and bakers. This space can be used by children when packing their school lunches or preparing their snacks.

With these smart design ideas, you can create a functional kitchen that will allow you to bring tasty meals without being left out on family quality time.