Four Things You Wish You Knew About Cleaning Countertops

Man cleaning countertop

A kitchen is everyone’s go-to place when preparing their meals. That’s why it’s essential to keep your kitchen clean, especially your countertops. As beautiful as they look, Accent Interiors quartz countertop in houses located in Utah also needs to get cleaned now and then.

So here are a few ways on how to clean your countertops and keep it shiny.

1. Remove any cooking grease

Your kitchen countertop is continuously exposed to cooking grease. That’s why it’s essential to know how you can eliminate those grease before it starts to accumulate. Unleft grease tends to accumulate and can attract dirt, pests and even be a haven for mold. So it’s best to use a kitchen degreaser to help loosen the grease and eliminate it.

2. Use hot water

Another way to remove grease is by using hot water and a sponge every day. It’s not advisable to use ordinary soap to clean the counters since it’ll only cause soap residue to build up.

3. Try erasing permanent markers

Kids can be creative at times. So it’s always best to get your counters protected by placing down placements or even kraft paper, so they can have something to write on while saving your expensive countertops at the same time.

4. Consider using vinegar and water solution

Another way of cleaning your countertops is by using vinegar and water solution. It’s great for eliminating any tough stains or even spots on the countertop’s surface. The acid from the vinegar will help melt any tough stains on your countertop, making it easier for you to wipe it off.

Quartz countertops are quite easy to clean. However, it still needs daily maintenance to make sure that it’s squeaky clean at all times. You may always want to check the internet or even ask a few of your friends for some countertop cleaning tips that you can do at home.