How Fall Weed Control Can Lead to a Lush Springtime Lawn

Clean and green lawn

Weeds can spring up in your lawn during the summer, proliferating and dominating your turf. Thankfully, you can control the weeds before winter arrives. Early control of weeds will prevent them from ruining your lawn come springtime.

Fall Season: Weed Control Season

Greenside Landscaping says that you can easily have experts do lawn weed control for your Salt Lake City home. The coming fall season makes for the best time to do this task. Perennial broad-leaf weeds, the harder kind of weed to control, stores carbohydrates in their roots during fall to prepare for winter. Winter annual weeds, on the other hand, germinate during the same season.

You can apply herbicides to such weeds to eliminate them and not survive until springtime. Perennial broad-leaf weeds will drink up the herbicides, unwittingly killing itself. The herbicides may also leave the weeds in a weakened state, vulnerable enough to winter kill. The winter annual weeds can also be eliminated using herbicides.

Risks of DIY

You may think that you can do the eliminating yourself, but weed control can be harder than you think. You have to know the weeds you want to control. Lack of knowledge can only put your lawn at risk of being dominated completely by weeds. This risk makes lawn weed control here a good option.

Professional Help Matters

Lawn experts know the life cycles of different weeds, allowing them to apply herbicides at the right time. They also have the knowledge on the correct formulation and chemistry that herbicides need to have, and herbicide selection is essential. You can leave all these matters to a lawn care expert, and you can worry about other matters.

You simply have to remember to call up experts during fall. They can control your weeds, over-seed your lawn, and perform other practices to ensure the healthy growth of your grass. You can then have a healthy and lush lawn once the snow clears in springtime.

With fall fast approaching, remember to control your lawn weeds. This way, you can enjoy spring in your yard.