Knowing Where Fire Starts is the Key to Preventing Them

Fire extinguisher right outside the door.

While October is the “official” National Fire Prevention Month, every homeowner should always practice safety and security measures. Fires are extremely common in the United States, with about 350,000 to 400,000 cases occurring in homes. This can happen to anyone, but more so for those who don’t implement prevention strategies.

It is important that everyone in your household helps out in minimizing the risks of such unfortunate incidents taking place. And knowing the locations where a house fire can most likely start is a key step in ensuring this.

The kitchen

Most house fires start in the kitchen, where people cook and tend to forget about it. In fact, more than half of all house fire incidents have started from cooking ranges.

You should never leave something on the stove or in the oven unattended, as this can quickly lead to flames engulfing your home. When you notice a problem with the cooking appliance or equipment, stop using it and have a professional check it out. You should also pay attention to items near sources of heat, and move them away.

Where the furnace is

Malfunctioning heating equipment causes thousands of house fires in the United States. In many cases, user neglect contributed to these disasters.

This is why you should contact a Gloucester furnace repair service as soon as you notice something is wrong. In fact, you should have it checked and inspected regularly by a professional. This way, you can extend the life of your heating system and prevent it from causing a fire at the same time.

Everywhere else that has a source of great heat

The same goes true for other types of space heaters, whether portable or stationary. Clean your chimneys at least once every year, and make sure that no flammable item sits near them.

These are just some of the common areas where house fires have started, so make sure that you make all members of the household aware of them.