Maintain Your Garage Door in 4 Ways to Enjoy Years of Service

Congratulations on installing a new garage door for your home. And now that your home improvement project is done, you have naturally assumed the responsibility of taking care of it. Of course, you can choose to ignore maintenance, but your door can last for way longer if you take the time to maintain it.

Lubricate and Clean All Parts

How do you maintain a garage door? You can do checks every day or during your springtime cleaning. For one, you can apply lubrication like WD-40 onto the rollers, hinges, tracks, latches, and pulleys. Before lubrication, though, you have to clean these parts first if they are dirty.

A Noisy Garage Door

Do you have a noisy garage door? It may be due to worn rollers, loose parts, lack of lubrication, or vibration in the opener. You can first try cleaning and lubricating all the parts of your garage door to know if it can get rid of the noise.

Should the noise persist, however, Quality Garage Doors recommends calling garage door services to fix it. Tightening each part, replacing the rollers or hinges, or adding anti-vibration pads to the opener may help as well.

Apply Kerosene

Are the rollers and hinges stuck? You can get them moving again by soaking and brushing some kerosene. You can also use steel wool to get rid of any rust. After doing these two practices, you can clean all parts and lubricate as indicated above.

Remember the Opener and Weather Stripping

Apply lubrication on your door opener as well if a chain or drive screw operates it. Next, you can check your weather stripping along the sides and bottom of your garage door. Adjust them or replace if necessary.

With a well-maintained garage door, you can enjoy years of service from it. You can still replace it if you want after some time, however, to change the look of the door.