Make Your Landscaping Water-Efficient and Sustainable: Here’s How

Water conservation is an important element of modern landscape design. The idea is to make a property’s landscaping more sustainable and allow you to cut down on water use for as much as 50%. To help you out, here are some things that you might want to consider.

Add drought-resistant plants

Consider planting succulents, wildflowers, lavenders, and other types of species native to your area. You may also add ornamental grasses. Be sure to group together plants that need the same volume of water. To maximize the sunlight distribution, place the drought-resistant plants in sunny or dry soil areas.

Improve soil condition

Conduct a soil analysis if you need to change dirt in your lawn or garden. Remember that your soil should be able to drain quickly but store it at the same time. To make this possible, use compost and keep the soil aerated. Adding organic matter improves soil structure and helps with moisture retention.

Determine the best watering technique

Choose a sprinkler system that fits the size and configuration of your lawn. Also, be sure to install good quality sprinkler heads with a low precipitation rate and remember to check them from time to time for proper direction and even spraying pattern.

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Use mulch

Cover the soil around the plant with mulch composed of leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, bark, or gravel. Mulching allows the ground to improve its fertility while retaining moisture, preventing erosion, and reducing weed growth. It can also add just the right visual texture to the soil.

Conserving water may seem to be labor-intensive at first, but when you apply these techniques, it will be second nature to you in the long run. The benefits also allow you to have lifestyle-friendly landscaping — one that requires lesser maintenance and lesser cost but with awesome visual appeal.