Metal Roofing: What Material Options Do You Have?

metal roofing

Popular among classic and contemporary homeowners alike, metal roofing presents durability, aesthetic appeal, and protection of your property against weather elements. Since metal is resistant to eroding, shrinking, cracking, it can stand up to extreme weather such as wildfires, hail, and snow. Before setting to start your metal roofing project in Utah, here are the materials that you should know.


Aluminum metal roofing is mainly popular with homeowners along coastal areas. This is because of aluminum’s resistance to salt and corrosion. It is also available in various artistic shapes and designs, which can easily complement any home style. This metal lasts for years on end and still maintains its original charm.


If you are looking for an attractive yet affordable metal roofing option, zinc is the way to go. Zinc is preferred due to its recyclability and sturdiness. Additionally, zinc is non-toxic and non-corrosive, making it nature friendly. Its malleability makes it possible to curve and change its shape to fit your desired plan.


The major advantage that steel has over the other metals is longevity. This is due to its hard nature, making it resistant to outside elements. As such, steel is the recommended roofing material in hurricane- and hail-prone areas. Besides being environment-friendly, it is highly energy efficient and also elevates the general aesthetics of a home.

All of these metals have their advantages and downsides. The location of your building and your budget should guide your choice of material. To ensure that you get it right, hire contractors who are not only experienced in metal roofing but also have worked with the specific metal that you have selected.