Re-Roofing Helps You Save Money in More Ways Than One

Worker Rebuilding Roof

When your roof has broken shingles or other damages, you probably think of repairing it first. After all, spending thousands of dollars for a new roof may seem too much. Before you proceed with repairs, however, you should know that opting to re-roof could help you save money in the long run.

Re-roofing Upgrades Can Lower Your Insurance Rates

American Home Contractors, for instance, installs a synthetic-type of underlayment when re-roofing. Underlayment is the protective layer installed underneath roof shingles for moisture protection. The synthetic type of underlayment is durable and resilient against harsh weather. So, it is often included in the list of roofing materials qualified for a home insurance discount in several states.

New roofs that are hurricane-strapped can lower your insurance premium, as well. Compared to traditional roof attachment methods, hurricane-strapping ensures that the roof stays in place despite strong and high winds. Remember, many home insurance companies are willing to offer discounts on monthly rates for upgrades that can help your home withstand extreme weather and other disasters. So, don’t hesitate to re-roof, as it’s widely recognized as a valuable home upkeep, especially in Virginia.

Re-roofing Can Decrease Your Electric Bills

An average American household spends more than $1,000 dollars per year for running a heating and cooling system alone. One way to reduce your energy expenses is to re-roof your home with Energy Star certified roof products. These roofing materials reflect more of the sun’s rays, lowering the roof surface temperature significantly. In turn, they help decrease the amount of heat that seeps into your home, reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to make your family comfortable.

Re-roofing Can Increase the Value of Your Property

The most noticeable effect of having a new roof is the enhanced curb appeal of your home—and this could lead to improved resale value. So, if you have plans to sell your home in the future, re-roofing today can be a smart move.

With these money-saving benefits you will eventually enjoy, it is easier for you to view re-roofing your home as a long-term investment, rather than a costly expense. Plus, it’s an investment that can yield great financial benefits for your family. So, if you’re looking to repair buckling shingles or address roof leaks, you should highly consider getting an entirely new roof for your home.