The Relationship Between AC and Indoor Air Quality

Man fixing the AC unitIndoor air quality affects our health as much as the air we breathe outside our homes. In fact, indoor air contamination may even be worse than outdoor air pollution.

In relation to this, questions have abounded about how an air conditioning unit can affect the quality of air at home. Is this a concern for you too? Experts in AC repair in St. Louis, MO have answers.

Role of the filter

Air conditioners provide clean air insomuch as their filters are properly operational. Most units in the market come with a filter for removal of debris, allergens and other foreign matter. This helps maintain the quality of your indoor air.

AC maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your AC unit is your best guarantee of clean indoor air.  Part of the problem you eliminate by proper care of the unit is the build-up of debris. The air conditioner removes pet dander, pollen, and dust, among others. In case of a build-up, these substances recirculate and may cause trouble to asthmatic occupants. Chemicals may also leak and create toxic fumes in the room.

What to do

One of the most effective solutions is the regular replacement of your AC unit’s filter according to manufacturer’s requirements. Aside from that, the pursuit for clean indoor air involves many other activities, some of which are listed below:

• Open windows and doors as much as possible.
• Consider turning the unit off at night or when no one is in.
• Hire a professional AC technician for an annual tune-up.
• Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and checks.

The presence of an air conditioner is not a guarantee of good quality indoor air. One must make efforts to ensure the unit works properly and disseminates only clean air. Often, it is just a matter of following laid down manufacturer’s instructions and remembering simple steps.