Types of Sealers Used in Concrete Repair

concreter sealing a window pane with Polyurethanes

Concrete cracks are one of the most prevalent issues property owners face. There are a lot of quick-fix solutions for these cracks in stores and on online web pages. Before repairing the crack, however, its cause and extent should be well-established so that the repair is efficient.

Experts at Cotewell share various methods used by concrete repair services nowadays. One of the most efficient and widely used is the application of sealers. Here are the types of concrete repair sealers.

Penetrating Sealers

These include silanes, silicates, and siloxanes. They infiltrate your concrete’s cracks and chemically react to shield the concrete from further moisture penetration. Penetrating sealers are primarily used on exterior surfaces prone to freeze-thaw damage and corrosion. They result in a natural matte finish and are breathable allowing moisture to escape.


These form a high-quality protective film on cracked concrete surfaces. They are available as water and solvent-based formulations. Polyurethanes are used on interior and exterior concrete floors. They augment the beauty of stamped, exposed, and coloured concrete and have an abrasion and chemical resistant finish. The majority of polyurethane sealers are moisture-intolerant during their curing process. Hence, the repaired surface should be kept dry until the sealer is completely cured.


These form a protective coating on damaged concrete. Epoxies are used to repair even the smallest cracks on high-traffic floors. They are used mostly on interior floors since the sealer yellows with UV ray exposure. Sealers are pigmented or clear, and most have a glossy, abrasion-resistant and durable finish. Most epoxies are unfortunately impermeable and might trap moisture.

The above sealers require skilful application and tact to repair cracks efficiently. Though some websites have seemingly simple steps for applying these sealers, DIY applications generally result in inefficient repair. It is hence cost-efficient and vital to get a repair expert to handle the application from the beginning.