Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bills Without Installing Solar Panels

Man installing the solar panels

Unless you want to live in the dark, there is no other solution but to pay your monthly electricity bills. However, that does not mean you have to shed megabucks for it each time.

The following are some tips to lower your monthly power charges:

Keep your appliances in top shape

There is nothing like a faulty appliance to consume more energy than it should. Obtain the services of an air conditioning repair here in Salt Lake City, for instance, whenever you feel as though your unit is starting to malfunction. You can also replace as needed, especially if you have an old unit.

You should also clean air conditioners and refrigerators routinely to make sure they function on point.

Get rid of vampire electricity

Do you see that little red light that turns on when your TV is turned off? This is standby electricity and, unfortunately for you, it can add up in your monthly bill despite the small power it consumes day by day.

If you want to turn off your appliances, unplug it completely instead of leaving these small standby indicators turned on.

Keep your dryer, dishwasher, and fridge clean

These are the top three power hungry appliances that you can service yourself, as opposed to the air conditioner and the heating. Remove any lint in your dryer, clean out the dishwasher, and defrost the fridge on a routine basis so they all function without the added garbage.

Replace your light bulbs with CFL

They must cost more at first purchase, but CFL’s have low power consumption and will last longer compared to incandescent lamps.

While these will not slash hundreds off your electric bill, they should at least make a noticeable impact on your monthly utility payments. Make sure to set aside these small amounts and use your savings for a small solar installation to improve your electricity use further.