4 Mistakes to Avoid at a Gentleman’s Club

If you are a regular gentleman’s club customer, knowing and applying the unspoken etiquette and rules of these form of clubs will help you enjoy their services more. Therefore, stay away from the following mistakes that will end up wasting your money or make you get poor customer service.

1. Coming Along with a Girlfriend who did not want to come.

A reluctant woman is the saddest face in any gentleman’s club. Reason being, she will keep her arms crossed, will not maintain eye contact with the dancers, or will make faces, making it uncomfortable for you and the dancers in the club. This way, none of the dancers will talk to you, and you will end up having a terrible time in the club.

2. Not Asking About the Club Rules.

If you are new to a particular club or area, pacersshowgirls.com shares that you can save yourself the embarrassment and awkwardness by asking the basic rules of the club. This will help you know whether you are expected to tip, touch or accept lap dances from the entertainers, and when you should expect this to happen.

3. Nor Asking for the Prices First.

Not all gentlemen’s club in San Diego is professional enough to let you know about the prices upfront. In fact, some of them rely on your ignorance to demand inflated amounts which will make you go over and above your budget. To avoid the bouncers’ intimidation is such clubs, always ask about the prices first.

4. Wearing Sharp Accessories or scratchy Clothing.

For the safety of the dancers, avoid elaborate belts, wallet chains, Carhartts and embellished shirts in a gentleman’s club. A lap dance from a tender skinned woman does not require a tough fabric that will leave her sore and chaffed.

A gentleman’s club is meant to be fun and entertaining, but this can be easily ruined by lack of knowledge on the basics that should be applied. Knowing and applying the above-unsaid rules will see to it that you enjoy your club visit every time.