A Guide to Riding Off-Road

Muddy off-road mortorbike riding

Off-road motorbike rides give you an incredible amount of fun and adventure. It is different from the traditional bike ride as you don’t have to follow the rules; no speed restrictions, boundaries, pavements and police officers.

But, as interesting as it may sound, off-road motorbike riding can be difficult and risky. You should be familiar with the proper techniques and accessories for motorbikes to stay safe. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, these few reminders will help you keep safe while having a fun ride:

Adjust your clutch lever for two-finger operation

Learning how to operate your clutch lever properly contributes to the mastery of full throttle control. A part of that is adjusting your lever so that you can ride with just using your index and middle fingers while standing up. That action allows you to operate the clutch without changing your grip to the bars, making your response smoother and faster. Learning to control your lever also gives better control, especially in low speeds, while riding through challenging obstacles.

Speed up and lean back when riding over sand, silt and deep soil

Unlike street riding where you slow down for safety, picking up speed while riding off-road actually makes you more stable. The gyroscopic force of the wheels will keep you upright, and the momentum will carry you through different terrains, such as deep soil.

Leaning back or moving your weight backward adds traction to the bike’s rear wheel, where you’re applying the power. Doing so takes off the traction in front, allowing you to ride over and deflect particles or dirt.

Be prepared and don’t leave things behind

Riding off-road means you have to leave things behind such as your mobile phone. It also gives new hazards such as trees and rocks that might damage your motorbike. You have to be prepared in situations like this and packing extra isn’t a bad idea. Be prepared with appropriate tools, parts and the knowledge of different repair techniques. Also, make sure to check your tyres and stock up on extra petrol when making pit stops.

Unlike street riding, riding off-road can become dangerous when you’re not familiar with certain ways to fix bike damage. Give yourself time to learn tools and practise repair techniques to ensure safety and fun during your ride.