Fabric Options for Boat Covers

boat cover

Boats are an essential part of modern living. Water sports, fishing, and other water activities now form a significant portion of hobbies worldwide. Nothing beats the feeling of an expansive stretch of water for relaxation away from the city.

In the case of your bass boat, maintenance plays an important role in its durability. Among the essentials that you should buy include boat covers for bass boats. These will protect the components of your boat from damage caused by harsh weather elements. WALK-WINN outlines some of the best fabric options for your boat cover.

Cotton Canvas

This is generally the least costly option for a boat cover. It provides adequate protection in mild weather conditions. Cotton is a breathable natural fiber, but it is not 100% waterproof. There exists marine-grade cotton, which is rot and mildew resistant and provides excellent water resistance. An excellent marine-grade cotton cover generally comes with a two to four-year warranty.


This is the strongest boat cover material. It provides a high degree of outdoor durability and it comes in weights of 6-10 oz. Some premium polyester covers have special urethane or acrylic coatings, which improve their waterproofing and durability. Polyester is UV, mildew, stain, and rot resistant and neither stretches nor shrinks like other fabrics. It is, however, less breathable compared to cotton.

Poly/Cotton Blends

This blend attempts to combine the features of polyester and cotton. You will benefit from the water resistance and strength of polyester in addition to the breathability and low cost of canvas. Most blends have a 50/50 mix but if you are looking for superior quality, opt for fabric with a higher polyester percentage.

From the above fabrics, you are bound to get one to match your climatic conditions. The cost is, of course, an essential factor in making your decision, but the boat cover’s performance should supersede it. Your bass boat is after all a significant investment, and you should spare no expense in protecting it.