3 Basic Boat Cover Care Tips

Boats with custom covers

Boat covers play an integral part in protecting your boat from destructive agents. UV rays, dust, rainwater, moisture, rodents, molds, mildew and other elements can damage an open boat. So, having it protected by a cover means you reap many benefits from your vessel for longer.

Here are some simple boat cover care tips for you:

1. Regular Cleaning

Boat cover cleaning can be overwhelming, but a procedural cleaning is advised especially when it comes to custom-made boat covers. Experts recommend that you start by brushing off dust and any other particles using a piece of cloth or soft brush.

Mix lukewarm water with a mild soap, such as ivory, and apply the soapy water on the cover thoroughly using your soft brush. Using plenty of water, rinse the cover, ensuring no stains or soap dents remain on the fabric. Once it’s sparkling clean, let it in the open to air dry.

2. Proper Storage

New boat covers usually come with their storage bags. But if yours didn’t come with one, then you need to invest. By all means, avoid storing your covers when they are dirty or wet. Storing them while wet could attract mildew and molds, which eventually destroy the fabric.

3. Boat Safety

When sailing, use sturdy straps to tie the boat cover down the boat securely. Don’t use any cord straps as they might stretch and damage the fabric, leading to faster wear and tear. In addition, support the cover with sturdy poles, bows, and straps to keep water, snow, and other debris at bay.

Boat covers help protect your boat from destructive weather elements. But besides that, they come in a variety of colors that can blend with nature at sea and set off a colorful and appealing graphic that is too good to behold.