Basic Types Of Boat Docks And Its Benefits

Boat Dock with a covered boatThere’s no doubt that docks are an essential part of any cottage life — which is why it’s necessary to consider the best one suited for your property. Although hiring a dock builder in Rockport such as Kinsel Docks can make your life immensely easier, understanding the basic types of docks is still essential to make a sound choice. Here are the basic types of boat docks and their benefits.

Permanent Docks

Permanent docks are an excellent choice for people who want to have a dock that can be easily maintained. This kind of dock is very stable and uses steel pilings which are either vibrated or drilled into the very bottom of the lake. It’s also available in various sizes and is ideal for lakes where the water level is stable.

Floating Docks

Floating docks are more affordable than other types of docks but are much more versatile. It often consists of anchored, airtight drums, where the wooden platform is built. The structure itself floats above the water’s surface but is large and stable enough to act as a boat dock. However, there are times when it can shift with the current and may even be washed away by floodwaters as well.

Pipe dock

A pipe dock commonly stands on legs and is much suitable for people who are willing to take their dock out in the fall to prevent it from getting any ice damage. Most pipe docks available in the market today use an aluminum frame with an easily removable decking.

There are still other dock styles that are available in the market today. All you need to know is the right one that’ll fit your boat and its needs. It’s essential to get the perfect design suited for your boat so you wouldn’t encounter any problems with it in the future.