Enhancing Energy Savings from Your Compressor

Close up look of a compressor

Every company looks at its energy spending at the end of the financial year. With the present high energy prices, it is paramount for every industry to look for ways to bring energy costs down. While it may be in a firm’s discretion to set price of a unit, determining how many units to use is entirely in its hands. You could use the following tips to improve efficiency of your compressor.

Analyse the System

Before you take any energy saving measure, Air Energy reminds that you want to analyse the operation modes and capability of the industrial air compressor. For example, check whether the equipment is undersized or oversized. This will give the big picture of the supply size. Further, assess the system demand, to identify where compressed air might be lost or misused.

Encourage Maintenance and Repair

It is important to inspect the compressor routinely for leaks. You will be amazed how much a compressor air leak can cost annually. The loss could hit thousands of dollars for a compressor running for about 40 hours per week.

Add a compressor-for oversized system

The worst thing about an oversized compressor is that it wastes compressed air. If you realise you didn’t size the equipment proportionate to your industrial needs, there’s a remedy. You can add a smaller equipment and see the operational efficiency increase, especially for partial loads.

Turn System Off When Necessary

While a week composed of 168 weeks, most industrial compressors work at full capacity for only up to 100 hours within that period. Looking at your shifts, you might find some ways of cutting down on the time your system remains on and make some savings. For instance, switching off the units on weekends and at nights could cut costs.

The efficiency of a compressed air system can affect the profitability of a business. In the light of this, every organisation should strive to ensure optimum efficiency of the system by implementing the suggested ideas.