The Basics of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings piled up

Carbon steel is an alloy of steel and carbon as the chief element, making it stronger and more durable compared to other varieties of steel. This durability and strength make it a suitable option for the manufacture of pipe fittings.

Carbon steel pipe fittings are essential to your plumbing system as these pieces connect sections of different pipes and help your water supply go around corners, under the building or through ceilings. Here are the basic types of carbon steel pipe fittings available for your construction.

Fittings hat terminate or extend the pipe length

You use adapters when connecting two different pipes by soldering, solvent welding or threading. “Reducing” adapters join large pipes to smaller ones. “Concentric” adapters connect two pipes with varying inside diameters.

When connecting two related pipes by soldering, welding or threading, couplings are the ideal fittings. This group also includes caps, unions, plugs and sleeves.

Fittings which link two or more carbon steel pipes or alter the direction

Elbows are used to change a pipeline’s course commonly to 45 and 90-degree angles. Long radius 90-degree elbows are used in gas, water, oil transmitting pipes, chemical, and fertiliser manufacturing plants.

Tees join three pipes in T-shaped intersections letting you divert liquids to a different line. This group also has ways and crosses.

Fittings used to join pipes of reduced sizes

Tees, elbows, bushings and reducer couplings are used to attach two or more steel pipes of varying sizes. Hex reducing couplings have a broad range of applications in liquid and gas services for instrumentation and process control. Olets can replace crosses and reduce tees in attaching branded connections.

Nipples allow for connection of two distinct fittings at both ends. Valves link pipes and regulate the flow of fluids. The pipe fittings are connected by slip fitting or threading. In general, a pipe fitting should be of a similar material to the pipe you intend to link it.


It’s best to know the right piping you need for your system. If you use steel service piping for your plumbing needs, it’s certain that they will be more durable than other metal pipes.