4 Tricks You Should Do To Make Your First Trade Show Exhibit a Success

Busy trade show

Perhaps, you’ve attended a lot of trade shows and other promotional events, in the past. As a consumer, you’ve enjoyed walking in the aisles, checking out the booths, and interacting with some of the exhibitors. But, going to such events as an exhibitor—not as part of the audience—is a whole different story. Instead of having fun at the show, you’ll likely feel the pressure of making the most out of this opportunity to promote your business. So, to help you prepare for your first trade show or exhibit, here are a few pieces of advice:

Invest in quality displays

Whether it’s a massive home and garden trade show in Utah or a small exhibit in your local county, invest in quality displays for your booth. Events like these showcase a huge number of exhibitors. You need to stand out from the crowd, and you can achieve that by having displays that aren’t only visible, but eye-catching, as well.

Organize shifting of staff

Every person that walks into the booth is a potential customer. Of course, you want to entertain all these people, but you can’t talk to them all at once. So, make sure you’re properly staffed for the entire day or week of the exhibit. Clearly assign the roles of the staff members, as well as their shifts, so you won’t miss out on any possible client.

Bring a small bag of “show essentials”

No matter how prepared you think you are, you might still encounter unforeseen circumstances during the event. So, it is best to double your preparedness by packing a small bag of a few things you might need for the exhibit, such as extra pens, tapes, and rubber bands. They may come in handy in case your displays suddenly collapse or you mysteriously run out of pens in your booth.

Don’t stress yourself about immediate results

Though you might get few sales immediately after the exhibit, or you don’t receive calls from the leads you got from the trade show, don’t feel disappointed. After all, people will contact you when they need or are ready to buy, which can mean weeks or months after your exhibit. Just remember to follow up with these leads more than once.

With these four helpful tips, you’ll likely get a head start over the other newbies in the trade show. But more importantly, you’ll likely enjoy your first try at being an exhibitor.