Preventing Injuries with Safety Footwear

Worker A is the best in the group, works fast, meets more than the production quota,arrives at work on time, and is a favourite. Worker A believes that safety precautions are not important because it lessens his time in the production.

Worker B is an average worker, works not as fast as worker A, arrives just a few minutes before the actuals work hours. The difference between worker A and worker B is that employee B has the necessary protective gear for work.

One day, something leaked on the floor and spilt where Worker A and Worker B were. Guess who slipped and had his ankle and back sprained?

Research Results

According to studies, there have been more than 500,000 work-related injuries in Australia from 2013 to 2014. A majority of these employees were technicians and trade workers, community and personal service workers and machinery operators and drivers.

Manufacturing, transport, postal, warehousing, forestry and fishing posted as the highest work-related injury industries in the country. These numbers have continued to rise through the years with the demand of companies for innovations to make work more efficient.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

You can minimise the rising numbers in work related injuries with protective gear such as safety footwear you can buy from reputable vendors such as It has the design to protect the feet from the hazards of daily injuries that workers might encounter like impact from the fall and puncture from objects.

It also offers the following protection: from exposure to extreme temperatures; from walking on slippery surfaces or other surfaces like the loose ground, cement, etc.; from slips and falls; and from hazardous liquids that may damage the foot.

Work Hard and Work Smart

Of all the injury-related risks in the workplace, you should always be careful and be mindful of your safety. It is best to think that working swiftly but surely is always the way to go.