Telehealth Software Systems End Waiting Time for Patients and Physicians

Every year, thousands of collective hours are wasted waiting in doctor’s offices, resulting in a loss of productivity and family time. In the US alone, the average waiting time is 24 minutes, but it is not surprising to wait for as long as 45 minutes to a couple of hours especially in diagnostics procedures.

While healthcare providers acknowledge that patients lost vast amounts of time waiting for their turn, doctors are equally affected by the challenge of keeping their appointment times. They are overworked, stressed and lose the opportunity to see more patients, which translate to income loss.

Telehealth software systems allow healthcare professionals to deliver a range of health services remotely using telecommunications technology. A vital component of the software is the virtual doctor’s clinics which utilize a video tool integrated to the system to deliver the health service. Patients are provided with browser and mobile application to access the video tool.

Not all available online video applications can be used in telehealth service. US health laws only allows Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HPPA)-compliant video conferencing tools, which uphold the privacy and security of the online visits and safeguard against unauthorized video recording, leaks and transmission of data.

Telehealth Benefits

1. The most valuable benefit of telehealth software systems is the greater flexibility in physician-patient interaction. Both patients and physician can arrange a visit from anywhere they are at an exact convenient time, hours of wasted time spent in travel and waiting can be used in other important matters like childcare, work, studying or recreation.

2. Improves quality of patient care as doctors provide unhurried and focused attention to patients while patients are more engaged in their treatment process in a relaxed setting.

3. Enhances professional skills as telehealth solutions can be used in training of individuals or groups.

4. Improves billing and collection system for health providers through the integration of a reimbursement guarantee feature that enables access to health insurance information.


Perhaps, the greatest gift of medical innovation like the telehealth software is in bridging the gap in healthcare service delivery in rural, remote and underserved communities.