Using Design-Build Process for Faster and Cheaper Construction

Engineers looking at building plans

In efforts to streamline construction and project management, builders use the design-build project delivery instead of the more traditional design-bid-build method. Construction expert explains this method results in faster construction and employs a single point of contact between the builder and the owner.


Proponents of the design-build method believe that that Design & Build is the best method choice for the construction industry. The Design & Build method results in a construction process that meets all requirements while maintaining the build-ability.

It is also a very cost-efficient method because it does away with the sub-contractor bidding process. Another reason is the single contract between the project owner and the design-build team. This saves time and money as the designers and builders treat each other as an integrated team with collaboration and teamwork.

This collaboration begins even before the beginning of the project and incorporates industry certification as part of its goals.


The Design & Build method results in faster project delivery, cost savings, better quality and less administrative burden, as it also reduces risk and litigation claims. One key feature of this method is that there is a singular responsibility held liable and accountable for cost, schedule, and performance slippage.

Other benefits to the practitioner include higher profit margins and an increase in market share. More and more owners choose design-build for their projects. An integrated team collaborating on the project is fully committed to controlling overall costs.

Communication is also simplified, with communication stripped down to only the designers and builders, with no sub-contractors. This, in turn, leads to less administrative burdens. Without the sub-contractors with a separate contract, you close warranty gaps, eliminating any litigation claims.

Design-build is counter to the concept of the more common design-bid-build process. With the designers and builders committed to collaborate on the project and maintain singular responsibility, there is no longer any bidder in between them.

This, in turn, leads to a more streamlined communication line, and less cost. Overall, the design-build process is faster and cheaper for construction projects.