Why is Visual Appeal Important in Web Design?

Web design puzzle

Google conducted a study, citing that visitors found websites — particularly those that are visually simple yet are prototypical of similar sites in its niche — appealing. Having a combination of the latter and other design elements could provide you with an advantage when it comes to keeping a visitor browsing.

Red Rider Creative and other experts on web design cite the following reasons visual appeal is a must when making your website.

Make a Good First Impression

According to a study, the appearance and navigation of a website shaped the first impression of visitors, which is around 94% of the participants. A bad interface may turn off visitors or even make them suspect the trustworthiness of a company. Also, a visitor is unlikely to browse other pages if they didn’t like what they initially saw on the landing page.

You’ll have to make a good first impression by improving the look of your website. Choose an appropriate color scheme and images that are relevant to the branding you represent. Follow a template that other sites in your niche use to make your page familiar to users.

Build a Relationship

If a user finds something recognizable and familiar with your website, you’re a step closer to converting them — not just into a one-time customer, but probably a loyal consumer. Users are likely to choose a brand that resonates with them and shares their passion or value. If your site makes associations with a corresponding emotion or cause through the colors, layout, and content you use, you have a better chance of building a relationship with visitors.

Higher Tolerance

Once you make a good impression, a visitor is likely to let off mistakes you made while they browse the other pages. The end goal is always perfection. However, this is not usually the case because of the many disparate parts contributing to a whole. Create a visually appealing site and a visitor may forgive other faults.

A visually appealing design is a must to grab the attention of your visitors and keep it. It’s important because it makes the first impression and is a possible building block for a long-term business relationship.